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DLS A6 mono
소비자가 : 2,200,000
판매가격 : 1,700,000원
수량 EA

ULTIMATE series A6 모노엠프입니다...

몇안되는 모노엠프 아이템으로 브랜드. 그레이드. 만듬새 등등 서브우퍼에게는 더없이 좋은아이템일것입니다

A 1 ohm stable monoblock, perfect for SPL.
Extremely powerful power supply.
The output power in 4 ohms are 500 thrue RMS watts.
A cooling fan is built in but the amplifier also provides a built-in fan control for external cooling fan.Built-in, variable 50-125 Hz low pass filter for subwoofers plus a 25 Hz subsonic filter with an 18 dB/octave slope.
Dual power terminals where you can connect dual power feeds or a DLS Power Cap.
Extra features are a phase control variable 0-180 degrees continiously.
A remote sub level control is included. Adjust the sub level and phase from the front seat!
RMS output power@ 13,8V DC feedA6 is our most sold mono amplifier with high stability and a power supply that handles any load down to 1 ohm.


Number of channels 1
Amplifier class AB

Output power in 1 ohm 1200 W RMS
Output power in 2 ohm 870 W RMS
Output power in 4 ohm 500 W RMS

Damping factor > 200
S/N ratio, A-weighted > 100 dB
Frequency range 10 Hz - 125 Hz
Input sensitivity 0,2 - 7 V
Input impedance, high level N/A
Input impedance > 10 kohm
High pass filter Subsonic: 25 Hz
Low pass filter 50-125 Hz
External cooling fan terminal Yes
Dual DC inputs Yes
Low level output No
Phase control for subwoofers 0- 180 degrees cont. variable
High level input with auto start No
Remote bass level control Yes
Remote phase shift control Yes
Integrated fan Yes
Power consumption (idle) 0,6 A
Power consumption (max) 140 A
Rec. power cable Minimum 2AWG / 33 mm2
Fuses 4 x 35 A
Dimension (W x D x H) 410 x 240 x 73 mm (16,15 x 9,45 x 2,87 inch)
Weight 6,2 kg ( 13,67 lb)

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